Industry Expertise
  Safety || Constant Awareness and Training


We owe it to our employees and our customers to instill and enforce good safety habits in our entire workforce.  Safety is a top priority for all our managers and employees.  In order to keep our team knowledgeable and focused on avoiding accidents, we continually train on a variety of safety topics relevant to our employees.  Our foremen have been trained on OSHA safety requirements and are held accountable for the safety habits of our on-site team.  In addition, Power is committed to providing all equipment required to get the job done in the safest manner possible.  Our safety record is strong and we invest the time and money required to keep it that way. 

Operations || The Best in the Business  

With over 75 licensed plumbers overseeing our field operations, we have in excess of 1000 man-years of experience working for our customers. From the simplest slab-on-grade, garden style project to the most complicated luxury high-rise, we have the ability to perform on schedule and on budget. Power Plumbing mans every job with a full-time foreman to assure the quality and customer service you need to run a successful project. This level of oversight allows for better coordination with the GC, other trades and our sub-contractors. Better communication and planning minimize problems and allow us to catch early and correct any issues that may arise.

  Drafting & Design || The Foundation for Quality


Power Plumbing has a complete drafting department managed by master plumbers and engineers with decades of multi-family plumbing installation experience.  We start with the drawings provided by our customers.  We then use the latest technology, including full Auto-CAD and Revit capability, to develop detailed plumbing installation drawings.  This level of planning eliminates many of the problems that can occur on the job-site and allows us to consistently control quality from start to finish of all our jobs.  This technology also expedites communication regarding a variety of design related issues such as plan changes, RFIs, clash detection, material takeoffs, change orders, etc.  Construction design technology continues to evolve and Power is committed to staying ahead of the game.

Logistics || Scale and Efficiency  

Power’s extensive supply chain capability is another competitive advantage that we bring to the table.  We have an experienced purchasing team, a 90,000 square foot central warehouse, and a fleet of delivery trucks.  Our strong purchasing group allows us to negotiate the best possible prices on our materials and third party services.  The large warehousing capability makes it possible to buy in bulk which strengthens our negotiating position with our suppliers.  And our fleet of delivery trucks gives us the flexibility to supply materials to the job when they are needed and in quantities required only for the work currently underway.  This reduces job-site clutter and material losses from theft and damage.   All this enhances material efficiency which ultimately results in more competitive pricing to our customers.   Let our scale and efficiency work for you.

  Administration || Professional Business Processes


Effective business processes, strong financial controls, and dedicated administrative personnel are key ingredients to our success.   From contract negotiation to accounts payable to payroll, all construction projects run more smoothly when supported with good administration and strong financial resources. Over the years Power has built a team of professionals which keeps all the necessary paperwork flowing.  With Power you will experience a level of administrative customer service second to none in our industry.

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